1200 rpm with variable spin speed? It’s a Hyundai.

I note with horror that the Hyundai i30 has won this year’s Driver Power satisfaction survey, knocking Jaguar’s sensuous XF (2009′s winner) into second place.  The survey rates exciting aspects such as reliability, performance and mpg, and (of course) rates itself “the definitive poll on car reliability and satisfaction” with over 23,000 responses.

How can people actually be satisfied with a car which has all the charm of a microwave, reliability of a vacuum cleaner and looks of a washing machine?  Part of the ownership experience of a vehicle is being excited by its presence.  It is wanting to look at it out of the window and take in the multitude of small elements which make up its design.  It is having a desire to drive something which feels and sounds good.

The winning vehicle just shows that there are many people for whom cars are just white goods – purely a financial decision, like the vacuum cleaner.  It’s not a wrong decision, but I reckon these people are missing out.  It’s not even necessarily the cheapest option.  So in next year’s survey, let’s choose something con passione.  There really is no excuse for bland cars – they make my commute even more tedious.

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  1. Dr. Spog says:

    So Toyota didn’t win then?!!

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