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A Golf for one year

It’s time to take a look at the Volkswagen Golf, one year in.  In fact, it is exactly 12 months old, having just required its first replacement tax disc.  The Mark 6 has won many awards for its diesel engines, build, DSG gearbox and so-on but the real question is: what is it like to [...]

George’s new bottom

I am delighted to announce George has a new bottom.  More importantly, I have a valid MOT certificate for another 12 months.  Hallam Brothers have done a lovely job too.  The only casualty is the original rear step, which is so rusty it wasn’t worth putting back on.  It is funny how much the family [...]

Land Rover blues

Last weekend’s MOT unfortunately saw that the Land Rover will not be on the road for a little while.  Fears about the deterioration of the springs were unfounded (just a warning issued) but the entire rear cross member was deemed too rotten.  Minor welding is also required on the bulkhead.  Costs to right these problems will [...]