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Centurion | Geneva trends 2015

It’s not just about new models: global motor shows point to industry trends, styling fads and technology direction. Geneva Auto Salon is always important and 2015 has been one of the most exciting ever. Here are the big trends.

900 dreaming

Turning back the clock with one of Saab’s best For a diversion from the world of new cars, I have a Saab 900 to drive today. Not just any old 900 but the desirable turbocharged, 16-valve model with a soft top, ideal for these balmy October mornings. This one belongs to Saabtec, the Saab specialist [...]

Speed-up, there’s a corner ahead!

Road Test: Mattrack Land Rover 110 Occasionally, we get to drive something just that little bit different here at Motor Writer. A few days ago, our friends at Jaguar Land Rover aired some of their famous exhibition vehicles, so without a moment’s hesitation, I headed straight for the tracked Defender 110. This particular Land Rover [...]