Clean boots

Following the waxing of the Land Rover, the next SONAX product was chosen to help beautify its otherwise rugged and usually slightly grubby image: SONAX Tyre Care.  For a fair test, sets of Continental ContiSport Contact 3 and Bridgestone Turanza tyres were also dressed.

Like its paintwork, the Land Rover’s tyres, Avon Rangemasters, are not new, have seen a good amount of action and would pose a challenge for any tyre care product.  The Continentals and Bridgestones (on Saab 9-5 and VW Golf respectively) are between 18 months and four years old, so representative of most sets of rubber on the roads.

And like the wax, the SONAX Tyre Care was pitched against another big brand – in this case, Autoglym.


SONAX Tyre Care aerosol covers the tyres easily.  It leaves the them clean but with less of a bling finish than other products.  While smart on the newer cars’ tyres, this looks particularly good on older/classic cars, rather than the high gloss, wet-look finish – which also has tendency to splatter once the car is driven.  It also seemed to shift some of the dirt on the tyre walls.  In terms of longevity, the Bridgestones manages a 600 mile round trip to Edinburgh and still look smart.  Definitely one for use on the Motor Writer fleet in future.  Click here for stockists.

Next review: SONAX Car Shampoo…

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