Counting for beginners

100 yd markersI have had the opportunity to drive in many countries and road sign quality varies considerably.  While some countries’ standards are better than others, I always come back to the UK to be impressed by the clarity and accuracy of our road signs.  Ours aren’t perfect though, and today, re-driving a route I hadn’t taken for some months, I was reminded of an example of shoddy work.

The symbols here are of course the 100 yard count down markers for a motorway exit.  One would expect both the 2/3 and 1/3 of a mile gantry signs to appear before these (a mile being 1760 yards and therefore 1/3 of a mile = 586.7 yards).  If you are heading anti-clockwise on the M60 to junction 19 (Heaton Park exit) you’ll find the 1/3 mile reminder neatly slotted between the 300 and 200 yard markers.  The 2/3 mile marker sits only about 500 yards ahead of the junction.

I don’t condone last second dashes across a couple of lanes to reach an exit slip road but here, it is at least understandable.  Come on Highways Agency, this is potentially dangerous – and we know you can do better.

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