Speed limit to be raised to 80mph?

“Millions of drivers are slowing down to save fuel” says the AA in the face of continued price rises at the pumps.  A motorist driving at 80 mph will burn up 25 per cent more fuel than at the speed limit of 70 mph.  Apparently, cutting back to 60 mph reduces consumption by another nine per cent.  Within the week of this announcement, the transport secretary, Philip Hammond, has suggested we might raise the speed limit to 80mph “to increase productivity”.

In a single statement, Mr. Hammond has condoned increasing fuel consumption, and therefore emissions, by a quarter.

I would suggest that anyone with a vehicle capable of doing 80mph does so anyway – if they feel the need to reach somewhere quickly and the motorway is free of congestion.  The rest will be eking out their tanks.

Still, with 58.95 pence per litre of fuel tax and a meaty 20% VAT on top, if Mr. Hammond can persuade even a few drivers to press on, this is a very lucrative move for government…

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