George is mended and the MOT season arrives

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Finally, I finished putting George the Land Rover back to his pre-theft state.  It has been lovely using the old Landie again just to pootle about locally.  It also came into its own when I had to shift some heavy timber on Tuesday; how did I ever manage without Solihull’s finest?  Despite the warm weather, its white roof, minimal glass area and excellent ventilation (not all as the manufacturer intended) mean it’s almost as good as having air conditioning.  The downside is that with all the hassle sorting the damage, I neglected my paper work and the M.G.’s MOT has expired and the Landie’s will run out in just a few days.

This highlights one of the key failings of our expensive system – that we don’t receive an MOT reminder.  On newer vehicles, the MOT date usually coincides with a car’s birthday but as our motors slide into old age, the timings of road fund, insurance and MOTs drop out of sync.

So today, I did a full service on the M.G.  After giving it a thorough check (and not spotting any failure items), I  now just have to book a test.  I’m less confident for the Land Rover as the winter took its toll on many of the steel components – especially the springs.  Watch this space.

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