George’s new bottom

I am delighted to announce George has a new bottom.  More importantly, I have a valid MOT certificate for another 12 months.  Hallam Brothers have done a lovely job too.  The only casualty is the original rear step, which is so rusty it wasn’t worth putting back on. 

It is funny how much the family came to miss the Landie being parked outside while the work was being done.  During this period I also had to re-assure my three-year-old that it hadn’t been stolen again.  So now it’s back and washed (with special help from my little lad) and in regular use again.  Yesterday I saw a couple of other tatty Series IIIs out and about in the Peak District (along with a some tidier Series Is); while the repair was a little expensive, it really does feel the right decision to have kept my Series III on the road.

While this might not be everybody’s idea of an exciting photograph, it looks pretty good to me!

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