Is Peugeot’s 5008 face-lift enough?

Peugeot’s 5008, the larger of its people movers has always been a practical beast. With seven seats and a little room to spare for luggage, it is has ample space. Back in 2010 when it was launched, it also had a pop-up head-up display, too: one of the first mainstream vehicles to do so. However, four years is a considerable time in the fast-paced world of automotive change and with really just a fresh face to bring it in line with the rest of the current Peugeot range is it enough?


In our view, 5008 was always better looking than the smaller 3008. The 3008, too, has undergone a little plastic surgery and is considerably improved but the changes have been perhaps a little less kind to the face of the 5008. Inside, not a great deal has changed. While the layout remains sensible, it isn’t as exciting as the completely new models we have seen from Peugeot recently: the delightful 208 and 2008, the 308 or even 508 saloon. The design is pleasing enough but switchgear looks cheap and the button arrangement isn’t particularly intuitive. Next to the minimalist display in the latest 308, it does now look rather dated.

Fresh lipstick

So, it is more a case of fresh lipstick than a full face-lift but driving the 5008, fitted here with the excellent 115 PS 1.6 diesel, it bowls along quite happily. While not exactly rapid, it is a real peach of an engine: smooth and flexible and probably the sensible choice here.

The ride is slightly firm but does gentle under load. What the 5008 does do rather well for its size is turn corners. Despite the vehicle’s length and long overhang at the front, the steering is fairly precise and it changes direction with ease. The rear-facing camera, fitted here, aids manoeuvrability but visibility is fine.

Cavernous load area

Practicality is one of the 5008’s biggest selling points and the configuration is reasonably easy to change. Some of the straps require a good tug to fold the seats down but it is fairly painless. With the two rear seats folded down, there is a respectable amount of luggage space for the remaining five passengers; with all but the front seats up, the 5008 is an effective van, with a positively cavernous load area. When carrying people, the large glass roof (standard on the Allure) is pleasing, and keeps the cabin light and airy-looking, especially for the rear-most passengers.

Our summary: the interior design and finish is not up to the standard of most other models in the Peugeot range but the strong 1.6 diesel engine and versatile interior mean there’s life in the old dog yet.

Peugeot 5008 Allure HDi 115, £24,245 (plus £520 for metallic paint, £525 xenon lights, £1,570 leather, £525 Connect Video pack). Range starts at £19,045.

Power: 115 PS (@ 3,600 rpm), torque: 240 Nm (@ 1,750 rpm), emissions: 135 g/km CO2 (band E), 0-60 mph: 12.9 secs.

Motor Writer rating: ●●●○○

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