Land Rover blues

Last weekend’s MOT unfortunately saw that the Land Rover will not be on the road for a little while.  Fears about the deterioration of the springs were unfounded (just a warning issued) but the entire rear cross member was deemed too rotten.  Minor welding is also required on the bulkhead.  Costs to right these problems will probably run to about half the vehicle’s value.

It always raises questions about the viability of continuing to maintain an old vehicle at these junctures.  While never an entirely financial decision, it demands thought about whether it is time to move on to a new vehicle or put money into a potentially bottomless pit.  Taking sentiment away though, despite looking a little tired, most of this Landie is solid and has reasonable life left in it.  It would also cost a number of thousands of pounds to upgrade to a newer model which wouldn’t make sense given its relatively low annual mileage.  I also wish to retain the Land Rover for its sheer capability and the pleasure of such basic motoring.  So, to the distress of any anti-4×4 readers, I can announce I have decided to go ahead with the work. 

George now sits at Hallam Bros. waiting for work to start.

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