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Instead of saving the pennies this month, I have booked travel for the Paris motor show.  After all, the longer I wait, the more expensive the tickets will become.  I have already proved this because the promotion code on the motor show site is no longer accepted by Air France so flights are ~£20 dearer than when I first checked a couple of weeks ago.

The Paris show promises to be a bit of a belter.  Already we have the first proper display to the public of the new Range Rover Evoque.  Who knows, we might even see Victoria Beckham herself.  Never mind, I’m sure the Evoque will make up for that.  I have also just learned (thanks, Piston Heads) that Lotus will be announcing their new product strategy there.  After announcing notice on all European dealers, I’m keen to see what their plans are.

So, while I’m less excited by thoughts of a “special sector, sponsored by the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea”, I am looking forward to a proper motoring spectacle: http://www.mondialautomobile.com/  Stay tuned for the full report in October.

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