Left ear down a bit

If you put ‘Citroën C3 Picasso’ into Google Images, you’ll be shown an array of views of its front end and interior.  Now there’s a reason for this.  Think of all the pretty Italian automotive rumps from the last century – or indeed just the gentle Pininfarina-designed BMC tails - and there just isn’t a good reason for an ugly bottom. 

In fact, there isn’t a good excuse for building something ugly at all.  Even for an item which has to be purely functional, its aesthetics need not hurt the eye.  One of the most utilitarian of bottoms must surely be the derrière of a Series Land Rover – simple, unassuming, yet purposeful and very not ugly.

So what excuse does Citroën have for producing the rough end of the C3 Picasso which looks like a gurning caterpillar?  This must be the subconscious effect of labelling a vehicle with the same moniker as a bloke who wasn’t sure what a face looked like before he started painting.

For those who can’t still make beautiful cars, there’s always the option of building one again from the past (see the Beetle, 500, Mini, S Type, etc.).  So come on Citroën, don’t just use the DS name, build us something wonderful again.

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