McLaren 650S at Ascari

Road and track test: McLaren 650S Coupé and Spider

At Motor Writer, we are also commissioned to write articles for other outlets.  So, it’s only fair we share some of the excitement from our recent jaunt to the Ascari circuit in southern Spain to cover McLaren’s latest model, the 650S.

The 650S is the successor for the fabulous MP4-12C; indeed, all manufacturing capacity is now dedicated to fulfilling P1 orders and building the 650S. We were fortunate to cover the 12C last year so the new car’s improvements were apparent very quickly. About 40% has been changed over the 12C, refining all aspects, from performance to handling and styling to sound.

During McLaren Automotive’s dramatic five years, it has built some startling machinery. With the 650S, it pulls together the good parts from the 12C and takes a number of lessons learned during P1 creation. The revised styling both increases down-force and improves cooling. Power is up, the gear change is smoother, and the remarkable ride of the 12C is enhanced even further. If this weren’t enough, McLaren has also listened to its critics and smartened the interior which just seems much better put together.

Starting near Malaga, we drove up through the mountains to the Ascari circuit to put the 650S through its paces on this demanding track. After some increasingly fast laps, the fun continued with a session following a cameraman harnessed in the back of a Mercedes Vito van, to grab some exciting track images.

Back into the countryside for further road evaluation and additional photographs, the stunning Aurora blue and Tarocco orange cars continued to cause a stir. People slowed down to grab an eye-full and we had an excited group of Spanish utility workers on the twisting mountain road rush out with their smart phones.

The McLaren 650S is both photogenic and extremely accomplished; we love it. Click here for the full review.

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