Motor Writer cleans up

At last!  After two failed attempts by courier to ship some sample products for evaluation, they have arrived today.  Here at Motor Writer we now have a wide range of products from SONAX to beautify the fleet.

By way of introduction, I’ll quote from their web site: “The brand has its origin in the silver polish “SONA”. By adding an “X” as synonym for “wax”, one of the most successful car care brands worldwide was born in 1949 – the year of birth of the Federal Republic of Germany – and marketed in 1950.  Since then, SONAX successfully develops and produces quality car care products in Neuburg on the Danube”.

They’re not particularly well known in the UK; indeed, their awards are mainly from German publications and even some of the promotional material has a German flavour.  You might have seen their name on the Vodafone Mercedes McLaren F1 cars, though.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll test them out and see how they compare with other premium brand car care products and advise Motor Writer readers of the outcomes.  If it stops raining long enough…

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