New tech wipes from Armor All

This week at Motor Writer, we take a few minutes away from driving cars and given the poor weather outside, turn our attention to the grubby interiors of the fleet.

Car care merchandise is as quick to arrive as the rate technology advances.   So while the world is smearing its fingers on smart phones and sat navs, Armor All has provided a neat product to clean up.  Screen wipes have been around for an eternity in the IT world but Armor All’s Tech and Screen Wipes come in a handy car-sized plastic tub, marketed at grubby vehicle displays.

At 15p a wipe, they’re not cheap but they do clean and degrease well.   They’re sturdy, too.  One 15 x 18 cm wipe can easily do a mobile ‘phone, a laptop screen and a couple of small car displays before drying out.   The wipes are also fine for general dashboard cleaning and isolated marks on windows such as sat nav sucker rings or a child’s finger prints.

Note, ‘screen’ really means digital display, not windscreen; the wipes’ size doesn’t make it easy to clean an entire window and a buffing cloth is needed after use on glass.

Good for: display screens and general dashboard/hard surface wiping.
Less good for: large glass areas.

Motor Writer rating: ●●●●○

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