Parking made easy

Parkopedia, the world’s leading parking information provider, has revealed the 10 most frequently asked questions about parking.  Top place goes to ‘how much does it cost?’.  Secondly, we wish to know where the spaces are.  Height, opening hours and security all feature in the top 10, along with which services are available, e.g. loos.  Finally, users of the web site want to know about specific space types, for example disabled, parent and child and motorcycle bays.  In case you were wondering where we like to park, Leeds, York and Birmingham form the top three search locations.

Sadly, what the web site cannot help with is whether some inconsiderate occupant of the vehicle next to you is going to open their door and place a large dent in your car.  Nor does it help with the family of unruly children dragging their school bags along your shiny paint.  It’s also not good for the errant shopping trolley, blown at speed across the car park in the direction of your pride and joy.

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