Piece by piece

Time for a brief Land Rover update.

My son has stopped asking if George is poorly but seems relieved to see the Landie each day.  Alarmingly, he queried “Someone hit him with brick?”.  Not far off, I’m afraid.  “Daddy’s going to fix him” usually elicits an “Okay” response.  That said, I spent a couple of days ignoring the Land Rover completely.  I love working on vehicles but this senseless vandalism temporarily removed all my motivation.  My favoured Landie garage also had a fortnight lead time so I couldn’t farm the work out quickly to make everything magical again.

A call to Land Ranger and a quick scour of the internet revealed that the upper steering lock casting is no longer available for this age of vehicle and my remaining options are to fit a later type or hunt for a second hand part.  The problem with the later item is that it does not have the integral hole for the choke cable so I’d have to re-route this and mount it elsewhere on the dash.  While I’m not too worried about originality, the challenge rose up in me.  Why should I compromise because of some unsavoury individuals?

By the end of last week, armed with a fist full of telephone numbers I trawled the specialists.  Finally, I tracked one down at P.A. Blanchard & Co. in York.  I’m £83 lighter but have a grubby replacement top casting with ignition barrel spigot in tact but minus the electrical switch.  The key is broken at the top and I need a couple of new sheer bolts but I left the new part on display on my office desk for the day as a positive step towards putting George back on the road.

I’ve still to shift the old sheer bolts but I managed to remove the switch from the back of the broken lock last night.  The good news is that it appears to be in tact.

So, a couple of steps in the right direction.  Further updates to follow.

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