Going for a wax

After some gentler weather, Motor Writer has had the opportunity to try out the SONAX products.  To see how they fair, they were pitched against some of the big brand rivals.  Although not scientific, some basic parameters were used to enable objective comparisons.

First for review were the Perfection Polishing Wax and Colour Polish & Wax.  Both these items were tested using Autoglym’s Resin Polish and Kent Nano as bench marks.  (The Kent product is not readily available over the counter but is widely used in professional body shops.)

For proper evaluation, the waxes were used on 30 year old, bark blue (i.e. dull, matt) paint on the Series III Land Rover – surely its toughest challenge – and pale metallic blue lacquered paint on a fairly new Peugeot 407.


While the SONAX wax appears a little thinner than other products, it provided a complete barrier between the paint and the outside world.  The blue Colour Polish & Wax is rather messy to apply and didn’t provide noticeable difference in finish after polishing over the Perfection Polishing Wax.  The wax crayon supplied with the coloured wax is really only suitable for cars of identical shade – a proper touch-in pen is the better way to deal with chips and scratches.


Next review: SONAX Tyre Care.

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