Spring has sprung (and so has the radiator)

After my failed attempt to fire up the M.G. last month, she had been sitting, collecting dust until yesterday.  With the sun shining, I just couldn’t resist taking her for a run round the lanes.  Thankfully the Landy fired up first time after a fortnight’s rest so I could haul the ‘B out of the garage (pictured) and up the drive.  It’s not very steep, but at a tonne and a quarter all in, I just can’t push the M.G. out on my own.  Nor, with the battery under the back seat, are the jump leads long enough to reach another vehicle unless she’s dragged out into the open.

As the Land Rover was there, running and having a fairly new battery, I used that.  Unfortunately, the M.G.’s engine just turned and turned without a single cough.  With a some investigation (and a little experience) I traced this down to the contact in the centre of the distributor cap.  Thus, contacts cleaned, she burst into life and I’ll make no apology for any big, silly grin I had on my face.

My elation was soon cured by the sight of green fluid building up along the top of the radiator.  My first fear was that there was a hole in it, but I traced the leak to the seal on the fan switch.  I rotated this in its hole and it seems to have sorted itself out.  I’m sure I’ll have to do a proper job and replace the seal, but it got me on the road before the sun went down.  My big, silly grin is back.

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