The laws of physics

An exercise staged in Germany in April revealed that certain people carriers could topple in a high speed swerve manoeuvre known as the ‘elk test’.  A Citroën Nemo Multispace actually toppled and Peugeot agreed its Bipper Tepee (essentially the same but rebadged) would perform in a similar manner.

Peugeot and Citroën are likely to add electronic stability control to these vehicles in the future but claim the tests are extreme and that they aren’t inherently dangerous.

This is just another example of nannying.  If you choose to buy something which looks like a van, it’ll probably handle like one.  While electronics in the Fiat Qubo (and indeed the Mercedes Benz A Class) prevent similar toppling, it is also key for drivers of taller vehicles to understand just a little of the physics.

The warning’s there on the badge, too – buy something called a Bipper Tepee or Nemo and it will handle like a tent (or a fish).

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