Those pesky bees

The MOT season is upon me – the two older vehicles have summer tests, which means there are some little (and not so little) jobs to do.

The M.G. will fail this year without a rear number plate change.  It doesn’t have silly character spacing.  Nor does it use an incorrect font.  However, it does have a faint honey comb pattern on the background (right) which VOSA doesn’t like any more.  It was legal when I bought the plate fifteen years ago after I’d completed the rebuild and I find this petty retrospective legislation, when (literally) as cosmetic as this, very frustrating.

I still have the pressed aluminium plate from 1978 and, with a little tidying, it feels right to return this to the car.  Unfortunately, it is already drilled and the holes clash with the mounts on the stainless steel back plate; like most “small” jobs it’s never that straightforward.

A permanent black marker is ideal for tidying the edges of the characters.  Examined closely, the vertices are not actually that sharp anyway and can actually be improved by a careful hand.  This close up (left) shows the detail on the left digit neatened and the right with worn edges still to do.

So, using a knee to dress the plate flat, proper number plate screws (cut short) to fill the holes and some thick adhesive pads the job is done.  She’s looking good.

Time for a beer rather than think any further about the failing rear springs on the Landie – definitely not a Sunday afternoon job.

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