Motor Writer’s Frankfurt Top 10

The 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show has an enormous line-up of new cars – those almost ready to roll off the production line and many dramatic concepts to gauge public opinion.  Only a couple of weeks to go, so time to look at Motor Writer’s top 10 new cars to be revealed in all their glory.  Motor Writer will of course be there to bring back the news.  In the mean time, here is a preview.

Ford Evos

Whether this is a 21st century Capri or not, it looks fabulous and is a great example of Ford’s new design language.




VW Up!

Funkier than a polo.  Let’s hope VW starts to learn the definition of ‘fun’ again.





Citroën DS5

This is a huge step in the right direction for the company’s design.




Hyundai i40

Now a serious rival for the Japanese D-segment cars.





Land Rover DC100

Playing it safe by calling it a concept, but likely to be close to the Defender’s replacement if recent idea-to-production routes are indicative.





Honda Civic

On the roads next year.





Russia’s Yo-Auto

Just look at those doors – like insect wings, sliding through the roof.




BMW i3 (and its i8 sibling)

Showing BMW’s medium term electric strategy.





Peugeot HX1 concept

Looks like it’s travelling fast when standing still.






Kia Sport sedan concept

Kia is doing something very right.





Sadly, Saab has decided to save its krona to pay wages and will not be represented at Frankfurt.

For further information about the show itself, click here.

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