Waxing lyrical

After a run out to perform some errands (and charge the battery), I decided it was only fair to give the Series III a wash.  The Landie’s home is under a tree, so unfortunately the birds use it for target practice.  I don’t wash it often, believing that Land Rovers look more at home being grubby work horses.  It’s just that the feeble wipers could only smear what the birds had put on the screen so it really was bath time.  It was also time to arm my two year old with a large yellow sponge and let him hone his car washing skills on something he couldn’t damage.

I have spotted car cleaning firms using magic sprays to bring up the shine after cleaning cars.  With a small child, free time is scarce and keeping cars beautifully waxed is a huge challenge so I treated myself to a spray bottle of Aqua Wax from Auto Glym.  I’ve always been impressed with Auto Glym products, so it was a natural choice.

Back some time in 1981, ready for a 1st January 1982 delivery to the Merseyside Police force, my Land Rover was painted dark blue over its factory green.  It still sits in this original blue paint which is now quite dull and not just a little scuffed.  If ever there was going to be a challenge for a wax, this was it.

The instructions indicated that the wax should be sprayed on to the wet body.  A little trial revealed that a brief wipe of excess water before application helped enormously.  In fact, the results were very impressive.  The bonnet took a couple of applications but the rest came up very quickly.  In terms of results versus effort, this really seems to be the answer.  It was genuinely a matter of seconds – not minutes – before the Land Rover’s flanks shone.

My little lad continued to throw the wet sponge at the Land Rover and the water ran off quickly.  Only time will tell if this Aqua Wax will match the staying power of Auto Glym’s more traditionally applied products.  Small will need a little more time too – he can’t reach the windows yet and the term ‘cleaning’ still has a very loose definition for him.

All good so far, but were there any down sides?  Small announced “Land Rover smells”.  “What does it smell of?”, I asked.  “Sweets.”  He is right, too.  This is definitely not a good thing for any vehicle, especially a Land Rover.  While sitting there all shiny I added insult to injury and put some Auto Glym tyre dressing on – which is slightly lemon scented – in fact, rather like a toilet block.  Many products smell just fine on their own – Swarfega, Brasso, Castrol R, etc.  We don’t need everything to be sanitised.  Sweet shop smell aside, this wax did the trick.  Another great Auto Glym product.

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