What was I doing again?

Passing through a village last night I encountered this sign.  It is a perfect example of useless information which clutters the driver’s view.  I don’t mean the change of speed limit to 30 mph but the lower section informing the driver of the limit about to be exited.  If you haven’t slowed down to 20 mph at this point, it’s a bit late. The sign says ‘you should have been driving at 20 mph’.  When you have reached the sign, the only critical information is the new speed limit. 

I didn’t have time to take a snap last night so the picture included here is from the Government’s site.  This means it’s not an erroneous local interpretation of the Highway Code but actively promoted for use.

Visual noise is a personal bugbear.  By the time you have waded through the official signage (twice if you’re in Wales – because the English bit comes second and I can’t read Welsh) and filtered out the adverts and ‘this town is twinned with…’ rubbish, you’re on top of the small child with football or tractor which has just pulled out.  Signage is like having the television on in the pub – your eyes are drawn to it and suddenly, you’ve missed a good joke or someone offering to buy the next round. 

Heading out to the more remote areas of our green and pleasant land, road views seem much gentler – a bit like they used to look.  It’s not because the ‘60s or ‘70s were better, it’s that the uncluttered roads of that time meant the driver actually had to concentrate on the road in front of the car.  And that’s a good thing.


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